operation methods of electric motor vibration rammer

the electric motor vibration rammer is made of pure copper motor,it adopts impaction and vibration for tamping ground
so it is widely used in Road and other tamping area,Studying the operation methods is necessary,the following is my operation experience ,Pre-operating preperation
1. Please read the manual carefully, and grasp it’s main points.
2. Please ensure that the bolts and every part of the rammer are fastened every time before operating the rammer.
3. Please ensure that the lubricating oil is adequate every time before operating the rammer
4. Please ensure that the ground wire line of the electromotor is earthed and the insulated wire line is safe and intact.
5. Please switch the electromotor to “OFF” position, and then turn on the current.
6. After starting the electromotor, please ensure the rotating direction of the electromotor is right (it should be clockwise as per the direction of the blade).
During operating
1、Please operate the rammer on the level and compact ground.
2、You can control the working condition of the rammer by control switch of the electromotor after starting the electromotor
3、Don’t hold the handrail too tightly so long as you can prevent the rammer from tilting and control the advancing speed and direction. You can change the advancing direction by rotating the handrail.
4、 Do not hold down the handrail strongly so as not to affect the bounce height of the rammer.
5、By rotating the handrail, you may not only make the rammer move forward as required, but make it rotating at the original place.
6、 Hold down the handrail lightly on the slope or the loose ground so as to accelerate the advancing speed.
7、 This kind of rammer is a small-sized ramming machine, so the earth which need to be rammed should be rammed layer by layer, each layer should be less than 250mm. Each layer should be rammed repeatedly for three times or more where it is needed.
8、 If the rammer need to be moved, you can raise the handrail a little, push the walking wheel into the coupler, and then put down the handrail and make sure the strength is at the end of the rammer, and then push the rammer forward.
1、 Make sure the ground wire line of the plug is reliable earthed, which can not be connected with live wire. Please check the insulator surface of the line, so as to avoid electricity leakage.
2、 During operation, Please make the guide line suitable. If too tight, it may be broken.
3、 Make sure the connecting plug of the electromotor is in a sound condition. If unfastened, electricity leakage may occur.
4、 Make sure the rammer is kept off moisture. And do not work while raining.
5、 Do not operate on the cement or other hard ground.
6、 Please stop to check immediately if there is some abnormal sound while working.



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