how to operate the gasoline plate compactor

the C80 C90 gaslilne plate compactor is designed according to Germany technology and produced by Henan Ideal machinery equipement co.,ltd,it is widely used in road construction site
but many people doesn't know how to operate it.we listed the operation methods for you here
1. Please elevate the end of the rammer first before you start it and put the wheel on the end of the rammer by using of the bearing rod.
Then check all parts of the rammer before working. The passive belt pulley and wheel should be rotated flexibly when you rotate it and they can’t produce obvious radial displacement and axial translation. The bolts of the vibrating box and other fastening bolts should be fastened tightly before working.
2. After starting the rammer, you can operate it if there is no abnormal sound. Otherwise you should close the rammer immediately and check it.
3. The loose earth to be rammed should be paved levelly and the thickness of the earth layer can’t exceed 200mm. Otherwise the rammer may sink into the earth and can’t advance.
4. Hold down the handrail softly on the slope or the loose ground so as to accelerate the advancing speed.
5. Please add lubricating oil to the bearings of the vibrating box after every 15 working days. Check the rammer thoroughly and maintain it after accumulative 80 working hours. Especially check whether the matching of the bearing in the vibrating box and the outer covering, axle is loose. If some of these parts are worn out, replace them immediately.
6. Please pay attention to the working condition of the rammer during you operate it. If there is abnormal sound or the temperature of the vibrating box bearing is too high, please close the rammer immediately and check it.
7. All fastening bolts need to be fastened tightly after the rammer is reassembled.
8. Before the rammer works, put the wheel under the ramming plate first, then start the rammer.

When you need to move the rammer, do not elevate the handrail but through the handles on both sides of the ramming

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