Help you paving a smooth road— concrete vibratory screed


Concrete slabs can be seen everywhere-from your parking lot to the paved road, from your kitchen to your bedroom.

Have you ever wondered why they are so flat and smooth.Can it be done only by manual labor? Maybe, yes, but to achieve such a precise, almost perfect horizontal surface, the answer is no. So how can we have such a level ground?

There is a magical machine called a vibrating ruler, which can perfectly smooth the surface and make the surface a single level with appropriate slope and smoothness.

A vibrating concrete screed is a piece of equipment made to screeding the concrete to make it smooth and level.It is a machine-powered tool that allows labor to smoothen and level out fresh concrete from a standing position.

A motor produces attached to it produces the vibrating action. Hence there is a reduction of effort required by the worker. He or she will only need to pull the screed across the entire surface. Rest is left with the machine it will smoothen it out.

Vibrating screed is a commonly used tool in construction machinery, mainly used to remove the air in the concrete during construction and increase the viscosity of the concrete. The vibrating ruler has a wide range of uses. The vibrating screed is also called the hand-held vibrating ruler. According to the power, it can be divided into a gasoline vibrating screed and an electric vibrating flat ruler.

Features of hand-held vibrating ruler

  1. Lightweight body, easy to use, safe, handle height can be adjusted, suitable for people of different heights
  2. The aluminum alloy blade is durable and has high flatness
  3. The blade length is suitable for 1-3 meters, * easy to change
  4. Fast speed and easy to carry. Scrape, complete in one time, construction is convenient and quick
  5. The operator can adjust the excitation force at any time, and the vibration frequency can be controlled by manual throttle

 It overcomes the hollow, bulging, and cracking phenomenon that has been trapped on the concrete floor for a long time after construction, and realizes a solid, solid concrete floor.

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