Where does our machine use for


Our machines can be used in various construction projects. Rebar processing machines can bend, straighten, and thread steel bars. Compaction machines are very important for building a stable foundation. Machines such as trowels and levelers will help you lay a flat concrete slab. At the same time, we also have a lot of engineering utility tools, such as lifting scaffolding, engineering lighting, etc., to improve construction efficiency and engineering quality.


For building a perfect road, the compaction equipment such as plate compactors, tamping rammer, small road rollers, etc. are very useful for building the foundation of the road. When you need to maintain your pavement, the road cutter and road milling machine can help you clean up abandoned pavement.


We can supply you with the machinery you need from start to finish a concrete slab. Concrete pumps transport concrete and there are many options for leveling concrete. The vibratory screed, paving machine, and laser levelers for different areas and environments. Trowels make concrete more smooth, and the grinders polish the ground finely.

Parking lot

For the parking lot project, our laser leveling machine can help you build a level ground, and the grinding machine can replace the grinding head for a variety of ground, such as cement surface, epoxy floor. Hot melt, cold spray road marking machine, convenient for you to set different types of road markings.

Interior renovation

Upholstery may use the following machinery. First of all, compared with the traditional wall putty, using a sprayer can improve the efficiency several times. Secondly, we set up a small diameter trowel, which is convenient for indoor use. Finally, the grinder finely grinds and removes the small hills and depressions on the ground, giving you a perfect indoor floor.

Metal processing

If you are hardware processor or steel processing factory, our steel processing machinery is of great use to you. Bending machines and cutting machines can be processed into different lengths and shapes. Punching and shearing machines are used for punching, cutting, and cutting corners. If you want personal use, we also have small portable rebar handling machines that are economical and practical.

Check Out Our Advantage

Since 2000, We started the R&D and production of light construction machinery and expanded overseas business in 2015. At present, our products include concrete machines, floor machines, steel bar machines, compaction machines, engineering machinery, etc


More than 10 years producing experience,8 years overseas market experience. Up to now, we have 4 units machining centers, 10 units lathes, 2 units laser cutting machines, 2 units bending machines to guarantee our quality.


Through more than 10 years of development, our products involved power trowel,bull float,road roller,concrete screed,floor grinding machine,plate compactor,tamping rammer,road cutter,steel bar cutter and bender,threading rolling machine and so on.


When you receive our machines you will get the following free service:
1.Free pre-installation specifications and videos
2. Demonstration by our after-sale service team
3.Training of the staffs of customers and end-users
For the first year, the customers are provided with free replacement or repairing of the device for any problem. but except quick-wear parts, While from the 2nd year, they are charged if they do not have any protection
24*6 online supports 

When you have any questions, you can call our hotline or leave a message through our website, our reply will be in 1 hour.


Since the founding of ideal machinery, we engaged in R&D activities. Because we were a much smaller company back then, we didn’t have a dedicated team, in 2010, We eventually decided to create a separate R&D Team. up to now, we have an adult R&D team including 1 electrical engineer and 2 mechanical engineers.


If you want to push your own brand to the market,we support the OEM service to you,even though it is a small quantity.if you has some good ideas or solutions about the construction machines, we can ODM to you.

How to cooperate with IDEAL


Pre-sales communication is most important and help us understand what your needs easily. The suitable products and better purchasing plans will be recommended for you according to your requirements. The best suggestions of our machine configuration, packaging, payment terms, export terms will be supplier to you. If you have any questions about the choice of products, we will also give you reasonable suggestions based on your use environment and market feedback. At the same time, we also provide OEM and ODM services for customers, you can customize the products you want.


After receiving the deposit, we will arrange the raw materials for production. During this process, we provide the production process visualization service, Checking our the production progress and situation at any time is available. We will keep you updated on the progress of production and provide you with relevant pictures and videos.


Transportation is an important part of international trade. A good supplier should not only provide customers with good goods, but also a good freight experience. The accumulation of ten years of experience has enabled us to understand the export process very well, and have a lot of freight resources and information. We have exclusive customs declaration personnel, inspection declaration personnel and warehousing services in Qingdao Port. The freight company that we have cooperated with many years, mastering the primary shipping resources, and providing you with one stop service. We know how to save the transportation cost and trouble for you. In order to ensure that the goods reach the customers safely, we strategically cooperate with the PICC to insure each shipment.


At present, the payment channels we accept are T/T, L/C, Paypal, XTransfer. In the future, various payment methods will be gradually improved.

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