100mm concrete power trowel

1. Heavy-duty gearbox provides longer life and low maintenance.
2. Steering system features a twin-stick multi-directional steering system, providing immediate machine control and precise maneuverability
3. Fine hand control for able pitch to ensure precise blade adjustment.
4. Tilt forward seat reveals a built-in hoist hook for transport on or off the worksite and allows easy engine access.
5. Adjustable sliding seat for Front-To-Back.
6. Low machine profiles provide a low center of gravity and check the working area easily.
7. Rugged frame is made of hardened steel for severest site conditions.
8. Super heavy-duty gearbox and spider assembly stand up for the most grueling job.
9. Side-mounted fuel tank and water tank with big volume for long working time
10. Trowel arm alignment: adjustment screws allow easy job site blade alignment.
11. Tool kit convenient location is easy for the operator.

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100mm concrete power trowel

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100mm concrete power trowel

Model RT36A RT36B
Working diameter 1890*915mm 1890*915mm
Pan speed 60-100rpm 60-100rpm
Blade speed 120-140rpm 120-140rpm
Engine Air-cooled,4-cycle, Gasoline Air-cooled,4-cycle, Gasoline
Engine type HondaGX690 HondaGX690
Max. output 17.9kw(24Hp) 17.9kw(24Hp)
Max. speed 3600rpm 3600rpm
Fuel tank 12L 12L
Blade quantity 8pcs 8pcs
Pan quantity 2pcs 2pcs

Woking diameter


Pan speed


Fuel tank


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