500mm concrete grinding machine

Mainly used for ground polishing on large or medium roads. It can grind the concrete surface layer and epoxy mortar layer. Equipped with a vacuum cleaner power socket, the power cord of the vacuum cleaner can be directly connected to the grinder. Avoid the need for two power cords when working. The edge of dust can be polished, and the surface of concrete can be effectively polished. While ensuring the flatness of the ground, it also improves the adhesion between the material and the ground.

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500mm concrete grinding machine

500mm concrete grinding machine

Pan diameter500mm
Motor power5.5KW
Vacuum power1.8kw
Pan speed0-1800r/min
Grinding bit3pcs
Work efficiency2500-3500m/8h
Motor speed1440r/min
Outline size1300*550*950mm

Weight230 kg
Dimensions130 × 95 × 85 cm
Pan diameter


Motor power


Vacuum power


Motor speed


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