Cage stirrup winding machine

  • The steel bar cage welding machine adopts PLC and frequency conversion control technology.
  • Longitudinal wire and main reinforcement can work at the same time. Automatic feeding systems use intelligent control, making production easier.
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Cage stirrup winding machine

Cage stirrup winding machine

ModelCL-3000(Configured according to basic model)
Cage DiameterΦ600-Φ3000mm
Cage LengthLength up to 30m(can be customized on demand)
Winding Speed0-15.4m/min
Car Speed0-1.38m/min
Iron Bar MotorY90l-4 power 4kw
Trolley MotorY90l-4 power 4kw
Total Weight4500kg
Main Machine Dimensions13*1.8*0.8m
Overall Dimensions Of Trolley15*1.3*1.5m

Weight4500 kg
Dimensions150 × 130 × 150 cm
Cage Diameter


Cage Length

Length up to 30m

Winding Speed


Iron Bar Motor

Y90l-4 power 4kw

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