GQ42 rebar cutter machine

  • Rebar cutting machine is mainly used to cut carbon steel rebar, hot-rolled rebar (HRB rebar), round steel, square steel, flat steel, angle steel.
  • The steel bar cutting machine is composed of a motor, a gearbox, a reducer, a steel bar discharge port, a frame, and other components.
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GQ42 rebar cutter machine

GQ42 rebar cutter machine

Cutting range (mm)round bar:6-28
class bar:6-25
Cutting frequency28t/m
Motor power3kw
Motor speed2800rpm
Blade size(mm)83*83*26
Overall size(cm)130*45*70

Weight350 kg
Dimensions130 × 45 × 70 cm


Input voltage

3PHASE: 220VAC/380VAC/415VAC

Round bar


Ⅲ-Class bar


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