GQ50 steel bar cutter mahchine

  • GQ50 rebar cutting machine is a mechanical transmission. The machine mainly consists of a motor, transmission system, reduction mechanism, body and cutting knife, etc. It is suitable for cutting a 6~50mm iron-carbon rebar. Its structure is simple, easy to use.
  • The rebar cutter machine body is small, light in weight, compact in structure, strong and reliable, and easy to move with casters.
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GQ50 steel bar cutter mahchine

GQ50 steel bar cutter mahchine

Model GQ50
Cutting range(mm) round bar:6-50 class bar:6-42
Cutting frequency 32t/m
Motor power 4kw
Motor speed 2800rpm
Blade size(mm) 90*90*26
Overall size(cm) 140*55*85
weight 500kg

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 140 × 55 × 85 cm


Input Voltage


Round bar


class bar


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