GW50 CNC steel bar bending machine

  • Gears, gear shafts, working disk, Stop gauge, saddles, pile heads, and pile head bushes made of high-quality alloyed steel with proper heat treatment(quenching/tempering/high frequency)and 3mm thick external case to ensure high performances also under heavy loads and long working life.
  • Dustproof brake motor and two limits switch to ensure the accuracy of the bending angle also after stopping and restarting.


GW50 CNC steel bar bending machine

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GW50 CNC steel bar bending machine

Model GW50B
Round Bar 6-50mm
II-class bar 6-42mm
Power 4kw-4P
Input voltage 3PHASE:220VAC/380VAC/415VAC
Overall size 970*830*860mm
Weight 380kgs

Weight 380 kg
Dimensions 98 × 83 × 86 cm


Input voltage


Round bar


II-class bar


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