GW60 Rebar bender machine

  • The motor can be customized according to the customer’s country.
  • This machine uses a solid disc that is more durable than other discs.
  • Elector-mechanical design with a sealed gear case prevents contamination and requires no maintenance.

GW60 Rebar bender machine

GW60 Rebar bender machine

Model GW60
Bending range(mm) Round bar:6-60
Class bar:6-50
Motor power 5.5kw-4P
Input voltage Three-phase 220v/380v/415v or customized
Overall size(mm) 1120*1000*860
weight 500kg
Driving mode Gear
Operation mode Automatic


Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 112 × 100 × 86 cm


Round bar


Class bar


Input voltage

3-phase 220v/380v/415v

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