Vibrating gasoline/diesel plate compactor

  • It adopts a 1.6T high-exciting vibrator, which has a large vibration force, is not easy to be damaged, and is easy to maintain, resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
  • The cast-steel base is thickened and the plate is thicker, and the compacting is more powerful, and the machine is firm and not deformed.
  • The natural rubber imported from the Philippines has superior shock absorption performance and better elasticity.
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Vibrating gasoline/diesel plate compactor

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Vibrating gasoline/diesel plate compactor

Plate size(mm)370*510450*550480*580
Thickness of plate8mm8mm8mm
Centrifugal force12KN20KN20KN
Vibrating fre4200rpm5500rpm5500rpm
Walking speed30m/min 20-23m/min20-23m/min
Max. output5.5HP5.5HP5.5HP
Overall size(mm)1000*650*750620*490*750640*510*750mm

Weight95 kg
Dimensions64 × 51 × 75 cm
Thickness of plate




Max. output


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