ZQW-150 concrete cutter machine

  • The road cutting machine is driven by the main motor to drive the main shaft to rotate at high speed to perform the groove work.
  • The traveling motor and the reducer gear form the stroke part.
  • The lifting device adjusts the stroke, with automatic travel, adjustable depth of stroke, spacing of stroke lines, beautiful and uniform, etc. advantage.
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ZQW-150 concrete cutter machine


ZQW-150 concrete cutter machine

Model ZQW-150
Max. depth 15m
Wheel size 150mm
Water tank 30-45L
Walking mode Automatic walking
Power 7.5kw+0.5kw
Weight 150KGS

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 120 × 90 × 80 cm
Max. depth


Wheel size


Walking mode

Automatic walking

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